Welcome To Eden: Population 2
Welcome To Eden, Population 2

Welcome To Eden: Population 2 Welcome to the Garden of Eden. Population 2. A Musical Paradise.

Music and laughter ensue when God finally gets around to creating Adam. And Eve.

Imagine Eden as a place where Man and Woman are created, meet, fall in love, and get on each other's nerves. A place where snakes can sing. A place where God talks amongst Himself. "Communication" is a new word in Eden. In fact, everything is new. Original Love. Original Sin. There's a first time for everything!

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"Brilliant cast re-creates the first 7 days in a polished musical destined for a broader — and certainly mainstream — audience."

- eye weekly

"...under director Geoffrey Whynot, the performers, especially Mark Allan and Julie Martell as the first couple, offer some winning work."

- NOW Magazine

Highly Recommended!

"Thanks to a melodious score and a talented cast, you probably won't find a more entertaining Fringe entry around than Welcome to Eden: Population 2. Mark Allan (Adam), Julie Martell (Eve), Robert Laughton (Lucifer) and Brett McCaig (Voice of God) are about as charming a bunch as you could hope to meet. And when they're raising their voices in one of Mark Selby's infectious tunes, you'll think that you couldn't spend a better 90 minutes anywhere...

...You'll want to go for Allan's wholesome good looks matched with awesome singing, Martell's little-girl-turned-woman appeal, Laughton's manically comic glee and McCaig's triple-threat voice work as God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. As a $10 Fringe show, it's the best bargain in town."

- Toronto Star

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Welcome To Eden: Population 2
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Welcome To Eden: Population 2